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History of the Annual SOS 5k Walk/Run

In The Beginning...

In the summer of 2006, the SOS formally became an organization. The Town of Fine allowed us to use the old schoolhouse for the rent of $1 per year. This was with the stipulation that any renovations or improvement to the building would be at our own cost. We needed money and fast!

A fund-raising committee was formed and ideas were presented. Some of us had experience with 5 k’s, marathons, and triathlons. Actually, in past years, Star Lake has sponsored the latter two. We decided to try a 5K which would be new to our Clifton-Fine area. Bridgett Provost and Kristine Lachut, having had experience with other races, were a big help. They actually designed our race shirts, a design that we still use today. I (Joe Russo) had personal experience with the organization of road races from my family which holds these events in and around the Oneonta area.

The 1st 5k SOS Walk/Run Race

5k start

Our first race took place on Sunday, October 1st, 2006. Since we just got organized in August, we couldn’t have it any sooner. We advertised it as a back-to-school event and we had 73 participants cross the finish line. We were happy at the time; but soon moved the subsequent races to the beginning of August, which increased the number of entries. The race was part of the SOS Weekend with a Pie Social and Silent Auction held on Saturday at the Arena. Along with the race, we had a concession stand with Robert Provost and William Laplante cooking. Joey and Michele Durham provided music; we had raffles, games for youngsters; and we were off to a good start. Between the two days we made thousands of dollars for our cause. We had approximately 40 members working which made this first weekend a big success.

Race Shirts and Awards

5k awards

We always pride ourselves in our race shirts and in the awards we give out for our 5 K. Every participant receives a beautiful medal with the schoolhouse logo inside and the first 100 receive a 4-color race shirt. The first race shirt was bright red with white letters; the runner was black, and there was a silver sneaker. We always thank the sponsors which are placed on the back of the shirts and helps to pay for the 100 shirts. I would especially like to thank Richard and Bridgett Hitchman, who have supported us each year and for a number of years, have donated $500 towards the shirts. I will have a special section about the sponsors later.

What Makes the Race Good and also Safe

We always have State Police there, the Star Lake Ambulance crew, and Feets Shelton and his old truck following the last person. We have water stations on the route and fruit and water for the participants at the end. For most of this, we give thanks to Phil and Ginny Chandler. We have race boards at the finish where participants can see their time and where they placed.

Below are pictures of the first 5K race, run in 2006.

Hunter Hitchman--future  2009 and 2010 winner of the 5K
85-year old Hank Moshano crossing the finish line
Kristine Lachut (left) and Alice Galvin's sisters Beatrice Shannahan & Sandra Rayer watch at the finish line
Jim Powers--always there for us!

Past Race Results

Year  # Finished Winners (Men/Women) Time Notes
2006 73 David Bradshaw
Lynn Short
18' 19"
24' 17"
Hank Moshano was oldest (85)
and ran most of the way.
2007 65 Trent Curry
Lynn Short
20' 57"
24' 41"
2008 61 Trent Curry
Lynn Short
22' 09"
25' 06"
2009 87 Trent Curry
Hunter Hitchman
21' 14"
24' 51"
Exciting competition between
Hunter (C-F student) and Lynn Short.
2010 88 David Bradshaw
Hunter Hitchman
17' 24"
23' 57"
David ran fastest time on record
for our 5k race thus far.
2011 98 Matt Blodgett
Melanie Sanders
20' 43"
23' 38"
2012 78 David Bradshaw
Caroline Buonocore
19' 26"
23' 44"
2013 89 Greg Farnsworth
Tina Greene
19' 47"
21' 47"
Tina ran fastest time on record
for women so far.
2014 105 Derek Poirier
Stephanie Poirier
20' 07"
24' 32"
Record number of finishes!
2015 96 Robert Muncil
Nina Burkard
21' 50"
23' 56"
Youth wins out this year--both Robert
and Nina were in the 13-19 age group.
2016 122
(record turnout)
Alex Hall
Nina Burkard
21' 08"
24' 32"
Alex was a X-country runner at JCC
Nina, 15, was fastest woman for 2nd year
2017 114 Austin Burkard
Aliana Hart
21' 28"
23' 18"
Austin is a summer resident of Cran. Lake
Aliana was 3rd overall; fastest woman
2018 84 Josh Atkins
Amanda Stoper Goldstein
20' 41"
23' 12"
Canton Club
Canton Club
2019 80 Shawn Spriggs
Erica Preston
20' 54"
25' 53"
2020 There was no race
due to Covid 19
2021 52 Vanessa Burkard
Austin Burkard
22' 13"
22' 32"
First female to win race, brother & sister
summer residents of Cranberry Lake


2014 SOS Fun Run and Walk

Watch the 2014 Race, Thanks to Allen Ditch

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

A Tribute to Our Volunteers and Sponsors

race table

We cannot thank enough the local businesses, organizations, and people that have donated money to have their name on the back of our race shirts. This allows us to use the entry fee as a profit, which helps us to do the things necessary to keep the Old School, Exhibit Center going.

We thank Bridgett Provost for the years she served as Chair of the Fund-Raising Committee. It’s not fun to ask for donations; but I did enjoy going with Bridgett numerous times to obtain sponsors. As I explained earlier, Hitchman’s Excavating, in the beginning years, practically paid for the shirts alone.

We have to thank my nephew Frank Russo and his wife Diane and my nephew William Grimes and his wife Jenny, for all their information and actually equipment that we have used. They are part of the Lower Deck Events Organization and have put on the Lower Deck Dash in Oneonta for years. Billy and Jenny have been our time keepers for all of our races, and they have brought their equipment, free of charge. It is a big plus not to have to worry about the time keeping. At the start of each race, we announce them as "Professional Time Keepers".

The Pepsi Company is another great donor not only with money but with cases of water, signs, and cups. We thank the many sponsors who have been with us for all nine years! Adirondack Pharmacy, Kristin V. Rehder, Star Lake Protective Association, the Haven at Star Lake, Adirondack Rustic Store, Team Blevins-Nolan Gardner, American Legion-Mervin Eno #1539, “Gem of the Adirondacks Revisited”, Healy’s Lone Bay Cottage, Team Buckingham, Team Russo-Thomas, R/M Conklin Agency, Inc., have all been major sponsors. Many of the local businesses that have also helped us are: Hillside Diner, Stewarts of Harrisville, Star Lake Nice ’N Easy, Todd Supply, Mountain Gate Plaza, Padgett’s IGA, Twin Lakes Hotel, U-B’s Merchantile, Eastern Electric Company, Fine Heating and Plumbing, Save-A-Lot, 812 Produce, Basic Outdoors, and Support Group-Clifton-Fine PTO.

We also encourage local camps around Star Lake to sponsor the race and they also will be listed on the back of our shirts.

We Hope To See You There!

Pie Sale Ice Cream Social

This year, the race will be held Sunday, August 6th at 11 am. If you would like to enter the race, there is an entry form above that you can download and fill out. If you don't want to enter the race, at least come out to watch, enjoy the pie sale/ice cream social and silent auction and help us to support the Adirondack Exhibit Center.

Each year, the SOS 5K grows in popularity and is more and more successful. We think it has been a colorful and exciting event for our community.

 Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way to make this community event a success!