Adirondack Exhibit Center

4195 State Highway 3

Star Lake, New York 13690

About the Adirondack Exhibit Center

The Adirondack Exhibit Center is an outgrowth of a five year plan to renovate an old schoolhouse and bring it back to its original condition as it was in 1892. All the work was done by volunteers, and now that the work is completed, the Save our Schoolhouse group decided to put the old school to good use as an exhibition center.

The first exhibit will be a permanent one. A railroad group asked permission to establish an exhibit in the Center with an historic presentation of a 1907 railroad which ran from Benson Mines to Wanakena. The project took most of a three to five year period to complete. Other permanent exhibits will include the Five Ponds Wilderness Area and the Cranberry Lake 50 mile trail.

The plan is to have travelling exhibits in the remainder of the building. The summer of 2010 saw a successful two-day exhibit of Adirondack Rustic Furniture. During the summer of 2011, there were numerous exhibits of furniture, paintings, jewelry, leatherwork, baskets and other displays of craftsmanship.

Mission Statement

After countless meetings, a constitution was passed with the following mission statement: A group of concerned citizens trying to save the old school building in the most diplomatic, economical, and productive way possible with the sole purpose of enriching our community.

President's Message 2015

AEC President

We welcome you to our new web site; we hope it gives accurate and up-to-date information of what the Adirondack Exhibit Center is all about. The center is run by the SOS, a group of volunteers who were concerned about loosing our old Star Lake school building. The Town of Fine board realized that if enough people worked; the old building could be saved and used very effectively as an Exhibit Center. We’ve had great cooperation from many groups. Many volunteers scraped, painted, cleaned, rewired, and reroofed the old building. New furnishings and equipment have been added, which were necessary to get to where we are today. The monies we have earned from fund-raisers such as the 5K’s, pie socials, auctions and raffles, along with the many generous donations, have made this all possible.

The Board of Directors continues to look for new ideas for use of the Exhibit Center. We look forward to many more years of community involvement in making this project a continued success. Let’s work together to make the future greater than the past.

Thank you!

George Persson, President


Board of Directors George Persson
Joe Russo
Bob Meredith
Kristie Ahern
Mary Jo Muse
Sue Novak
Hank Moshano
Officers President: George Persson
Vice President: Joe Russo
Treasurer: Bob Meredith
Recording Secretary: Mary Jo Muse
Corresponding Secretary: Kristie Ahern
Liaison Economic Development Corporation: Hank Moshano
Reunion/Alumni: Feets Shelton
Town of Fine Board: Hank Moshano
Standing Committees Fund Raising Chair: Joe Russo
Grants Research Chair: John Burns
Arts and Crafts Chair: Sue Novak and Mary Jo Muse
Maintenance and Renovation Chair: Feets Shelton and David Daniels
Website Maintenance: Bob Ritchings